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Triple Topsy Turvy Ponytail


Hey guys! So check it out! I made a video tutorial with All Things Hair on how to achieve a simple quirky hairstyle which will go well with your neo-neutral, minimalist outfits! It’s perfect whether you want a spiffy look for the day or night!



It was my first time to be a talent on a professional production set! I was super excited, and of course, nervous. I actually became good friends with the production team, which made things a bit easier. I’d get so embarrassed though to make mistakes but everyone was too nice to me. There were times I would just freeze because I thought I said something different from the script. It happens. Hee.


I come from a creative industry and all throughout college, styling & shooting were things I got used to. It was so much fun taking a step back from that and watching them transform the set, hear them say “Rolling!” and just learn about each and every person’s craft! We even had a small chat about the sneakers I love – the Gazelles.

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Here’s a candid photo of some of the people on set. That’s Cris (@cris_colina) doing my hair, photographer Koji (@kojiarboleda) on the far left, Zoe (@zoelaurente) next to him, and creative director Pow(@wapowee) on the right. It was great working with them so thanks guys! Thanks also to the awesome Pau (@pauiguevarra) for coordinating & organizing everything for this shoot! You guys are the best!


Anymoo, going back to my look. This all-white ensemble is a great contrast to the soft and feminine hairstyle! The minimal look is something I encourage you to try because it really gives you a bolder, sophisticated look, without putting in so much effort, you know what I mean? Go out for brunch with your friends, go to a meeting dressed like this and change up people’s impression of you if you’re up for it.


If you want the whole look, you can shop it here on Zalora.

You could also visit for more styling and hair care tips!

Watch out for my other video this coming week! Teehee!



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