Red Light District


What we thought would be an exciting shoot, turned out to be quite a mishap, or medyo fail. It could have been a photographer’s ISO nightmare so I don’t know how Tino was able to capture these really cool shots.

dsc_7234Before Tino flew back to Toronto, he, Dom and I conceptualized this dreamy neon light shoot. We were excited! We were ready! I also thought about starting my vlog with this shoot. So our Burgos Street photowalk began with us just strolling along the infamous street of different nightclubs, bars, and hotels, as the locals watched us and eye us head to toe. What really surprised me was that there was no one AT ALL who stopped us from shooting. No “Bawal magpicture dito” whatsoever. It almost felt wrong.


The biggest issue of this shoot was really the number of lights. Tino wasn’t exactly happy with the locations but he managed to find a couple of spots he liked. “Ang hirap pala pag marami. Mas okay pala kung isang neon sign lang.” There were lights coming from the stop light, from the cars, from the restaurants. It was busy AF. I felt his struggle.


I love how the photos came out! I honestly didn’t know what to expect but yeah, I’m super happy! Insert Fire Fire Fire emojis. And the 100 100 100 with double underlines.

dsc_7178 dsc_7256

I posted my vlog from this shoot on my YouTube channel. I’m still such a noob but I’ll definitely be coming up with more videos so do visit my YouTube channel here and subscribe! Teehee

dsc_7265 dsc_7309

Photos by Rupert Aquino (@thetaquinofoto)


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