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Chantecaille – Most Potent & Alluring Parfum


It’s always exciting to hear about big brands coming to Manila. This afternoon, we learned about French-New Yorker cosmetic company – Chantecaille – that uses exceptionally high percentage of natural ingredients to create high quality products. Having heard that, I anticipated some sniffles happening from heady perfume notes, but it was surprisingly exciting and indulgent rather than overwhelming or intoxicating. Ooohs and aahhs filled the air as we took whiffs of the six signature scents.


Every scent had a story behind it. It was fascinating learning about Sylvie Chantecaille’s, founder and owner, travels and how she drew inspiration and created personas for each signature scent. Our olfactory senses (and imagination) took us to different travel destinations that day.


The storied portion of the Indonesian Island of Borneo captivated Chantecaille long ago, and this “island in the clouds” has inspired an intoxicating scent that beautifully distills the intensity, passion, and abundance of this wild and sensual place. “The jungle, the spice, the waterfalls, the unabashed desire and fearlessness of the turn-of-the-century explorers who were drawn to the Island. All of this is the raw but also incredibly rich essence of Kalimantan.”


Bright, sparkling , and cool, Vetyver reveals a personal love story between Sylvie Chantecaille and the men whom she’s loved and admired. She explores the balance between masculine and feminine. “It is essentially the scent of a very cool, chic man that I’ve interpreted for an utterly modern and confident woman,” Chantecaille says. Imagine that relaxed elegance and confidence of Katharine Hepburn in a beautifully tailored suit —Vetyver is infinitely chic and optimistic.


The story behind Pétales cannot be told without touching on Sylvie Chantecaille’s deep love of Gardenias. “Gardenias’ unmistakable perfume always reminds me of growing up in France and long, relaxed summer evenings.” In order to create a truly unique and modern interpretation of this timeless scent, Chantecaille blended Gardenia with a fragrant bouquet of other signature white flowers, including Jasmine and Tuberose, yielding a highly unusual, yet beautifully fresh and wearable scent that is the definition of pure glamour. The spirit of Pétales calls to mind warm and breezy summer parties, enchanted gardens, and the pleasures of couture dressing. “It’s both completely heady and yet deliciously fresh.”


“The last great luxury is the wild.” Picture a walk through a jungle bursting with verdant vines and voluptuous blossoms at every turn, leading you to an overgrown, untamed beach. The tropical climate builds the intensity of each floral encounter. This is Le Wild. Chantecaille says that this fragrance is “my gift to the women who long for the wild—this scent is her key to escape from the city or the office into the deep, tangled beauty of nature’s utter freedom.”


“It is all about the serenity and natural lushness of the South Seas,” Her quietly exotic fragrance, Tiare, captures the smell of the Turquoise ocean, the warmth of the Island spices, the indigenous white gardenia-like flowers that are blooming everywhere. The ancient symbol of Tahiti and the symbol of Love, the Tiare flower is traditionally used to make ceremonial leis. Tiare delivers a very distinct freshness that’s softened with a quiet white-flower sweetness that only Chantecaille could create. “It’s that delight of being able to surrender to the waters.” Tiare also happens to be my favorite.


The original seed of Frangipane was planted during a journey to India . While staying at the Maharaja’s palace in Udaipur with her husband, Chantecaille was drawn into the full experience of this evocative flower.” And at the center of this beautiful marble pool sits a huge frangipane tree.” Swimming among the fallen flowers surrounded by orange and sweet jasmine trees, ancient temples, and the ancient, mystical energy of this place, Chantecaille imagined a warm and healing scent that embodied this connection between the senses and the soul.


Chantecaille is a cosmetic company that wants to give customers a healthier choice. They have NO synthetic fragrance, NO synthetic color, NO petrochemicals, NO GMO’s, NO animal testing, NO palm oil. They want to ensure what they are offering is good for us and the environment. Sustainability is not just a trend. It is part of everyday life.


The makeup products were just as amazing. I can’t wait to learn more about these products and test them out when they launch towards the end of the year.

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It was quite a stimulating event. I think I might have been planning a vacation at the back of my head during the event. I believe this is the most luxurious perfume you can give as gift for the holidays.

Chantecaille is available in Art of Scent boutiques across the metro. Follow them on Instagram @artofscent_ph for the latest updates.

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