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    Fashion Style

    Denim Dreams

    If you knew my style well enough, I’m almost never overdressed for something. I have a certain formula for the way I dress and it’s basically an ensemble of simple but stylish pieces. Lately…

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    King City

    My cousin Jyehro (@jpqz) finally came home to the Philippines, together with my uncles and grandparents. The last time I saw Jy was when he still a teen, studying in Baguio…

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    Achromatic Chic

    Hey, it’s been a while. It’s July 2016 and so many things have changed. I won’t list down everything but mainly I’ve been working on a design project of my dreams! But I’m crawling, really.…

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    Back to Sleep

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop seeing the good in people.…

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    Ivy and Palm Trees

    Most people seemed to have started their summer early this year. I guess it’s that constant need to travel these days. It seems as if there’s less people traveling to different countries than the ones traveling…

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    Fashion Style

    Guess Girl

    Growing up, GUESS was probably one of the brands I remember wearing. It probably began when I lived in the US at the age of 8. Whenever my mom would take me shopping, we would always…

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    Well hello 2016! Here’s to new beginnings! I’m taking a step back for a minute to recall what I wanted to achieve this year and if I was successful in any way. Well,…