What Olaplex Did to My Hair


Once you color your hair too many times, it just gets more and more difficult to maintain due to so many reasons such as the products you use, heat styling and other elements. I dropped by my favorite salon Design Studio in Makati to tone my hair and try out their latest treatment that lessens the damage, and repairs broken bonds when coloring.


See, my hair is incredibly dry and unmanageable because even though I use the appropriate shampoo & conditioner, I blowdry and iron almost everyday which isn’t helping the current condition of my hair. I wish I could go back to those days I’d just let my hair dry on its own after getting out of the shower, but no. I had to maintain my color over the years.


As much as I’d love to stop ironing my hair, I can’t. It gets wavy and frizzy, like mermaid hair at the beach, after a while due to the weather. I got pretty excited learning about Olaplex. I could finally tone my hair again without worrying it will get damaged more.


I look forward going to Design Studio. It’s different from how I feel going to some salons where I’m tense and just scared I’ll end up not getting what I want with my hair. I’ve certainly built my trust with them over the years. Plus it’s relaxing and spacious. I do suggest clearing the whole afternoon if you’re looking to have your hair done here.


So first step, Olaplex No. 1 is mixed in with the colorant, the bleach, and anything that will be applied to your hair. It rebuilds broken bonds and starts to prevent damage.

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After rinsing out the hair color, they apply Olaplex No.2 Bond Perfector which restores any remaining broken bonds and insures repaired hair.


As they started to dry and style my hair, I held strands of it and I could already tell it was different! It didn’t even feel dry and stiff anymore, especially towards the ends. It felt smoother  and I couldn’t see any frizz either. I could tell that Olaplex definitely worked! I’m the kind of person who likes instant results so I was incredibly happy.


I love Olaplex! I feel less tense now going for a retouch or a full color going to the salon. I really thank Design Studio for introducing me to this product. It’s just a few more pesos to add to your bill and it is DEFINITELY worth it. I highly recommend that you always opt for Olaplex when doing anything to your hair. If you’ve been waiting around for your next hair appointment, I think it’s time to book one now!

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