King City


    My cousin Jyehro (@jpqz) finally came home to the Philippines, together with my uncles and grandparents. The last time I saw Jy was when he still a teen, studying in Baguio before they moved to California a few years after. I remember he was the cutest baby, with long bangs and red cheeks. He was poised to become a lady-killer. And now he’s all grown up. I met up with all of them one night when they came down from Baguio. First order of business was to shoot eat. I asked them to come to BGC which is my favorite area in the city, and practically my turf. After dinner, Jyehro and I walked around to shoot.

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    Found a new perfect scent for me. I’ve always been the type to go for warmer, oriental scents as they can go from day to night. Sometimes, I feel it can…

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    Achromatic Chic

    Hey, it’s been a while. It’s July 2016 and so many things have changed. I won’t list down everything but mainly I’ve been working on a design project of my dreams! But I’m crawling, really.…

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    Specs Party

    Had tons of fun at the #SpecsParty! It had a retro vibe to it, which was cool. Like a cross between That 70s show, Scooby Doo, and a British film. Sunnies Studios always…

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    MINISO in Manila

    When it comes to shopping, I always think about my money’s worth. It doesn’t matter how expensive or how affordable the item is, as long as I’m paying for an item with…

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    Last of Summer in Sorsogon

    “Raiz, let’s go to Bicol! Jhonmar has a resort there. We’re booking you and for Cher. Super cheap lang!” Those were probably the best four consecutive lines I’ve heard in a…

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    Let me tell you what it was like to work with Paolo Pineda. You’ve probably seen his work on numerous covers of magazines, such as Preview, Mega, Cosmo, FHM  and more. So…